Purple Ocean Jasper ANKH

$ 128

Crystal ANKH ~ Key of Life hand carved from a beautiful Purple Ocean Jasper

The Ankh is the Breath of Life.⁠⁠ This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph symbolizes both mortal existence + the afterlife. 

⁠The Ankh was revered in Atlantean times as a symbol of pure love resonating with Higher Heart Energy. ⁠The Ankh is associated with the Goddess Isis + the Goddess Sekhmet.⁠

The Ankh is perceived as an energetic tuning fork that can create a healing frequency, especially when held in meditation. It connects us with higher consciousness + shines light on our soul wisdom, learned through many lifetimes.⁠⁠

You can see some marks from the carving tools which add a bit of antiquity, a feeling like it's an ancient relic or artifact.
6.6 oz
6.04" tall
3" wide
0.67" thick

Ocean Jasper is an Earth element stone with a soothing + centering energy. It is beneficial for channeling spiritual wisdom + gaining insight into one’s past lives for deep, soul level healing. Holding in meditation, this gentle stone can help release negativity, offering mental clarity + focus. 

The Ankhs have been cleansed + super-charged with Reiki on Mt Shasta. This is a very special tool for your sacred healing journey. 

You will receive the exact hand carved crystal ankh that you see in the pics. Crystals are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns + coloring that you can see in these photos.