Pyrite Fire Dragon

$ 69

Manifest your potential with a Pyrite Fire Dragon. Pyrite crystal healing properties bring empowerment, abundance + prosperity. These beautifully carved crystal dragons are made of Pyrite, a metallic looking stone that has a patina that gives this dragon a sense of antiquity, mystery + other-worldliness.

If you feel a strong connection to this Pyrite crystal dragon, my sense is that it will likely assist you, especially in the etheric realms, by expanding your consciousness, in remembering past life experiences + nudge you along toward your highest path for this lifetime.

Dragon Energy is the embodiment of chaos, the untamed, the wildness of nature, the eye of the storm. Dragon Healing attunes you directly to an ancient interdimensional source of Healing Energy.

6.3 oz
2.9" long
1.39" wide
1.6" tall⁠

Dragon Totem Meaning

Dragon energy is a metaphor used in Taoist magic to express an essence of creation, life-force, or personal power. Dragons are ancient mythical creatures of the Earth, symbolizing supernatural power, wisdom, strength + hidden knowledge.

Crystal Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite offers a spirit of boldness + assertive action when protecting others, the planet, or in standing up for important issues of community.⁠

Pyrite embodies the Divine Masculine, helping us come into our personal power + actualize our potential for the highest good of all. It's a stone of action, vitality + will.

⁠Pyrite is an excellent stone of manifestation, allowing one to channel high-frequency energy into the physical body + direct that energy into the action steps toward creating abundance in life.⁠

Pyrite is an Earth element stone which also carries Fire energy + resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra.⁠ Pyrite symbolizes the warmth + unwavering presence of the Sun. It's a stone of empowerment, abundance + prosperity, bolstering one's ability to generate wealth.

⁠Pyrite inspires creativity. It taps into one’s abilities + potential, stimulating the flow of ideas, bringing confidence + the persistence to carry things through to completion.⁠

Pyrite is a natural crystal with variation within the stone.

Customer Reviews

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Rachel K
The Pyrite Dragon was even more impressive...

The Pyrite Dragon was even more impressive in person, with a great finish, so detailed. Being a Christmas Gift for my husband, he really likes the way it feels in his hand, saying it 'feels comfortable, like it belongs there'. Again, Jessica packages her items so carefully, but also includes nice tissue & other little surprises, that will brighten anyones' day. And the package got to us on time even w/the Holiday Crush. Thank you so much - J/R

Beaulah P
absolutely stunning! I am very satisfied...

absolutely stunning!
I am very satisfied with how much attention was put in packaging my order I am so grateful 💞, the energies and vibrations were definitely felt...
I highly recommend this shop and will return for more.
Helen 💖

Anahi G
I am blown away by my order! Amazing store...

I am blown away by my order! Amazing store!!

Clotilde H
Many thanks Jessica for my awesome dragon...

Many thanks Jessica for my awesome dragon with protecting energy. 🐉
Shipping was fast and he arrived intact, securely wrapped.

Maryam J
Thank you. I love him. 💕🐲

Thank you. I love him. 💕🐲