Black Metal Display Stand

$ 10

Display your special crystals in style with this simple black metal display stand. It's made of black painted metal + works well for crystal slabs, special/odd shapes, crystal hearts, double terminated crystals, crystal specimens + more. Use it as a photo display, art stand, recipe stand, plaque holder, sign holder, or crystal holder.

This stand is discontinued. I've sold 200+ of these in the last couple of years and it DOES NOT WORK for about 10% of buyers + works great for everyone else. It is light-weight + not a good choice for your heavy or top heavy crystals. Distribution of weight is a key factor. If you are picky + easily disappointed, DO NOT BUY THIS. If you have questions PLEASE CONTACT ME before purchasing. If you are unhappy with it, please contact me to arrange a return. Take all of this into account before buying. TY!!!

This crystal holder has a lot of versatility + will also work to elegantly hold other special things like plaques, photos, art prints, original art, kid's artwork, awards, signs, recipe cards, vision boards, notes to self or family, mantras, greeting cards, and the list goes on. What will you use it for?

The width is adjustable. The smaller one opens to 3" wide + the larger one 4.07" wide, slightly smaller than a right angle. It opens widest to about 80 degrees or adjusts smaller to fit your crystal.

The photos show the smaller stand + the two sizes together for scale. For reference I've photographed several different crystals on the smaller stand to show the versatility of this stand as follows.

3rd pic ~ Rose Quartz Puffy Heart is 4.31" wide x 4.18" tall
4th pic ~ Large Double Terminated Teal Fluorite is 5.8" x 1.81"
5th pic ~ Dendritic Agate Freeform is 3.35" x 3.17"
6-7th pic ~ Fluorite Slab is 4.63" x 3.64"
8-9th pic ~ Blue Kyanite Specimen is 7.5" x 2.14"

These fit a lot of different sizes + shapes, but they're not going to work for every crystal. Distribution of weight is a factor as well as size. Send me a DM if you need help. Crystals not included, but sold separately.