Black Metal Display Stand

$ 10
Black Metal Display Stand

Display your special crystals in with this simple display stand. Works well for slabs, special shapes, double terminated crystals + specimens.

It's about 4.05" tall + 2.5" deep + made of black painted metal. The width is adjustable, opening to 3" wide, slightly smaller than a right angle. It opens widest to about 40 degrees or adjusts to smaller to fit your crystal.

For reference I've photographed several different crystals to show the versatility of this stand as follows:

3rd pic ~ Rose Quartz Puffy Heart is 4.31" wide x 4.18" tall
4th pic ~ Large Double Terminated Teal Fluorite is 5.8" x 1.81"
5th pic ~ Dendritic Agate Freeform is 3.35" x 3.17"
6-7th pic ~ Fluorite Slab is 4.63" x 3.64"
8-9th pic ~ Blue Kyanite Specimen is 7.5" x 2.14"

Crystals not included, but sold separately.