Snowy Garden Quartz Bridge Crystal with Phantoms + Rainbows

$ 244

This stunning Garden Quartz Tower has been polished so you can clearly see the details of the large snowy phantom, the green chlorite cap phantom, sparkly rainbow interior dimensions + all of the little Bridge Crystals that grew within this larger crystal.

This Garden Quartz Tower has a prominent snowy mountain phantom with beautiful mossy green chlorite phantom cap, encased in a water clear tip, with lots of silvery interior + rainbows inside.

There are multiple well-formed "crystal in crystal" bridge crystals, portals to higher wisdom. This crystal is a true piece of Mama nature's art that captures the light in such a beautiful way.

Chlorite included Quartz Crystals have a strong heart-centered energy + can help us mitigate some of the side effects of modern living. Rainbows in your crystals bring out hidden joy, optimism + understanding.

12.05 oz (342 g)
4.02" tall
2.22" x 2.02" x 1.88" diagonal edges
2" x 1.81" x 1.55" flat sides

This crystal is a Master Teacher whose wisdom will be revealed in your meditations + time spent with this crystal. Are insights into past experiences, details from your past lives, or experiences of collective evolution revealed to you like the pieces of a puzzle over time or in large chunks of information? The crystal is 6 sided, with some irregular angles. From Madagascar.


Garden Quartz is also known as the Shaman Stone + it can be a very powerful journeying stone on all levels. Gazing into its depths is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness, bringing everything hidden to the surface to be released into the light.

Garden Quartz is also called Lodolite or Scenic Quartz for its mineral inclusions, which can include Pyrite, Hematite, Feldspar, Manganese, Chlorite + Rutile in different hues + forms that look like a fairy garden forest scene inside of the crystal.

Clear Quartz Crystal is a cosmic clarifier + an energy amplifier. It resonates with all of the chakras as well as each Zodiac sign. Clear Quartz balances + revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual planes. Clear quartz amplifies the properties of the mineral inclusions.

These crystalline healers are here to help you connect to + resonate with the energy of Mama Earth, aka the Schumann Resonance or the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth. When we are out of sync with Earth's Frequency we begin to exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness, suppressed immune system, etc. So when you're feeling a little off, hold some Chlorite included Quartz, tune in + recalibrate.


Phantom crystals are like tree rings inside the crystals showing layers of growth cycles that stopped + started again. These new layers are visible because of the different mineral + geological conditions present during each growth cycle. The layers are a celebration of life, record keepers of Gaia, galaxies frozen in time⁠, encoded layers of wisdom like the Emerald Tablets or the Akashic records.

Phantom crystals are also called Ghost Crystals + they're excellent to work with in crystal healing as they help unlock the layers to catalyze deep emotional processing, offering insights that help with our personal + spiritual evolution. Phantom crystals can initiate past life recall + assist with ancestral healing. Phantom Quartz can be beneficial in times of transition or great change, when your reinventing yourself, or seeking a higher timeline, these crystals can offer insight to illuminate the path.

A Bridge Crystal is identified by a smaller crystal penetrating a larger crystal. These special crystals act as a bridge between physical + higher self, inner world + outer worlds, like a bridge between paths, dimensions, or planes of existence. Bridge crystals are helpful in channeling your higher self + spirit guides.

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusion, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal that you see in the pictures.


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