Soothing BLUE CALCITE Palm Stones

$ 29

Soothe frayed nerves, ease your anxieties, or just simmer down after a hectic day with one of these peaceful, dreamy Blue Calcite Palm Stones. These Blue Calcite crystals are bigger than your average palmstone + have a nice weight to them. They're polished smooth into a rounded shape that very satisfying to hold in meditation.

These smooth Blue Calcite stones have been cleansed + super-charged in a Reiki Water Blessing Ceremony at the Sacred Headwaters Spring on Mt Shasta. These stones have been infused with Reiki universal healing energy + are programmed to emanate the frequency of peace. 

2.24"-2.34" long
1.9"-2.08" wide
1.29"-1.37" thick

These large, smooth polished palm stones vary in shape as shown in pics with some being wide + thin, others rounder + thick. Some have a little white calcite. Intuitively chosen for you.

Crystal Healing Properties of Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite resonates with both the Third Eye + the Throat Chakras. Blue Calcite calms emotions, offering mental + etheric protection.

Blue Calcite is a gentle stone to use when recuperating. It facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions + encouraging rest + relaxation.

Sit in mediation holding Blue Calcite in your receptive/non-dominant hand. Envision a cocoon of soothing blue light surrounding you, permeating your aura, stimulating inspiration + offering access to your inner vision + the unconscious realms.

Affirmation: My emotions are calm + serene. I express my inner visions with truth + clarity.

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

Customer Reviews

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Kylee E
I love these baby blue, watery stones. Th...

I love these baby blue, watery stones. They are so calming and peaceful and love that they were in the waters of Mt. Shasta. Also, securely packaged and love the sweet little extras.

Holly N
Really love the energy of the crystal, so...

Really love the energy of the crystal, so soothing and beautiful.

Marietta W
Order came quickly. The pieces are beautif...

Order came quickly. The pieces are beautiful! Thanks Jessica for the little gift 💝 Will order again!

Kelli M
Lovely little blue calcite palm💙✨

Lovely little blue calcite palm💙✨

Lacy M
Such a calming energy with many sparkles...

Such a calming energy with many sparkles ✨ 🤍✨