Soothing BLUE CALCITE Palm Stones

$ 24

Soothe frayed nerves, ease your anxieties, or just simmer down after a hectic day with one of these peaceful, dreamy Blue Calcite Stones. Some of these Blue Calcite palmstones are much bigger than the last batch, with a nice weight to them. They're very satisfying to hold.

Blue Calcite calms emotions, offering mental + etheric protection.

Blue Calcite is a gentle stone to use when recuperating. It facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions + encouraging rest + relaxation.

Blue Calcite resonates with both the Third Eye + the Throat Chakras.

Sit in mediation holding Blue Calcite in your receptive/non-dominant hand. Envision a cocoon of soothing blue light surrounding you, permeating your aura, stimulating inspiration + offering access to your inner vision + the unconscious realms.

Affirmation: My emotions are calm + serene. I express my inner visions with truth + clarity.

These large, smooth polished palm stones vary in shape as shown in pics with some being wide + thin, others rounder + thick. Intuitively chosen for you in the size you select.

4 oz, 2.25" long
4.6-4.7 oz, 2.2"-2.32" long
7.1-7.5 oz, 2.48"-2.62" long
8.1 oz, 2.87" long

Some have a little white calcite, a couple have small very small rough spots, but no chips. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.