Unicorn Stone Pegmatite Sphere + Holder

$ 144

This beautiful Unicorn Stone Crystal Ball has well formed pink tourmaline in a dramatic swath of smokey quartz surrounded by shimmery deep purple lepidolite filled with mica + the angular cleavelandite inclusions make pretty white patterns in between the other minerals in the stone.

Unicorn Stone is a soothing + supportive crystal. This conglomerate pegmatite is a powerful but gentle combination of Pink Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Smokey Quartz + Cleavelandite that resonates with the energy of the Divine Mother. 

1 lb 2.2 oz (515 g)
2.79"/ 71mm diameter
Comes with a simple wood stand.

Photos taken in indirect natural light.


Unicorn Stone helps us keep moving forward through challenging times with our heart open to what the Universe has in store for us. 

Hold your Unicorn Stone Sphere + take a deep breath into your heart space. Exhale + release any pent up emotions + stagnant energy. Breathe out fear, anxiety + tension that you've been holding onto. Imagine your breath bringing in calm, stillness, joy, empathy, positivity + filling your aura with a deep sense of safety. Repeat as many times as you need to feel clear, balanced + anchored in your heart energy. 

You will receive the exact crystal sphere that you see in the pictures. Each stone is uniquely beautiful + powerful. Weights + measures are approximate. 


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Misty J
I have wanted a unicorn stone for some tim...

I have wanted a unicorn stone for some time. Finding a sphere this nice was exciting for me! It is as pictured. Pretty! Shipping time was reasonable as I was so anticipating its arrival. I will be a repeat customer! 🦄