White Jade Bunny Carving

$ 149

Bring a Crystal Rabbit home to elevate your sacred space. Beautifully carved out of luminous White Jade, this crystal bunny rabbit has a stately presence. This glowing, pure White Jade is called Hanbai Jade or Hanbaiyu Jade. The rabbit a symbol of abundance  + the Rabbit totem is a symbol of luck in many cultures.

These White Jade Bunny figurines have a calm + peaceful energy. White jade helps to instill prosperity into all areas of your life.

1 lb 13.1 oz / 826g
5.9" tall
2.84" wide
3.1" deep

Rabbits remind us to look before we leap + encourage us to trust our inner light for direction. A rabbit is a symbol of gentleness. Rabbit reminds us to bring empathy + compassion to our interactions with those around us. Folks with a Rabbit Totem are sensitive, deep souls, often adept creative problem solvers, seers + those with keen senses, in tune with their psychic gifts.


Hanbai Jade is actually a kind of ice white marble from China. It has a luminous purity + has been used for centuries to carved figurines of emperors, deities + the Goddess Quan Yin. These historical artifacts carved from white jade are often intricately painted.

White Jade is a lucky stone for health, love, or business endeavors. White Jade emanates a tranquil, loving vibration into the room. White Jade promotes harmony of the mind, body + spirit. White Jade heals + opens the heart chakra.  

Your crystal bunny figurine will be intuitively chosen for you + look exactly like the ones you see in these pictures. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

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Beautifully carved white jade rabbit, arrived safely. Did not disappoint !

Meda K
It felt like it was taking forever to arri...

It felt like it was taking forever to arrive, once bunny was delivered, my heart melted❣️love this wonderful carved crystal ❤️