Wood Sphere Stand + Crystal Display, 5 Styles/Sizes

$ 10

Place your special crystals on a Wood Sphere Stand to elevate their beauty + safely display your crystal collection. The right stand can really show off the beauty of your crystal spheres, crystal eggs + crystal specimens.

These simple + carved wooden stands come in 5 sizes to properly hold + display your special crystal spheres or crystal eggs. These low profile crystal sphere stands add a simple elegance to your display. Rosewood does have a lovely, light scent of the natural wood. Crystals not included, but sold separately.

Simple: ~ 1.16" diameter, 0.46" tall (pics 2, 3, 6, +7)
Small Carved Rosewood: ~ 1.15"-1.23" base x 0.8"-0.95" tall
Medium Carved Rosewood: ~ 1.4" x 1.4" base x 0.94" tall
Large Carved Rosewood: ~ 1.5"-1.6" square base x 0.95" tall (pics 1, 2, 4 +5)
Extra Large Carved Rosewood: ~ 2.08"-2.22" base x 0.93" tall

For reference I've photographed several size spheres as follows:

4th pic ~ Honey Calcite Sphere is 2"/51mm in diameter on the Large Rosewood.
5th pic in the windowsill ~ Spun Honey Calcite Sphere is 3.14"/80mm in diameter on the Large Rosewood.
6th pic ~ Aura Rose Quartz Sphere is 1.37"-1.4" (36mm) diameter on the Simple.
7th pic ~ Optical Calcite Sphere is 1.51"/38mm in diameter on the Simple.

Natural wood varies in color + grain patterning. Measures are approximate + vary slightly. Crystals not included, but sold separately.

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