Chunky ROSE QUARTZ Tower with Rainbows

$ 111

This is a chunky shaped pink Rose Quartz Tower with a couple of rainbows + lots of glittery sparkles. There are some prominent, rustic veins running through the stone adding an earthy, primordial dimension to this soft pink heart-opening crystal. 

Rose quartz opens + heals the heart chakra. This pink crystal is perfect for all aspects of love including compassion for yourself, or finding a soulmate or true partner + mending a broken heart. This stone gently connects you with your emotions + the wisdom of your heart to help you heal whatever needs healing.

Rose Quartz is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. It's an excellent stone to keep in the bedroom near the bed. 

This crystal is known to diffuse toxic emotions + blockages with compassion, infusing peace + serenity into your space + your relationships. Rose quartz is a essential part of your crystal healing toolkit + a true ally on your healing journey.

Rose Quartz calms anxiety + is a good stone for stress relief. Inclusions of the minerals manganese or titanium give Rose Quartz its subtle pink hue promoting healing, love + peace.

The energy of Rose Quartz is heart-warming, heart-centered + so gentle. Breathe that energy into every cell in your body. 

You are loved.

1 lb 5.9 oz (621 g)
5.11" tall
2.36" x 2.25" x 2.17" diagonal edges/base
2.07" x 2.02" x 1.91" flat sides/base

This is a natural crystal that has been cut, faceted + polished with a flat bottom from Madagascar.

Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusion, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal tower that you see in the pictures.