XXL Light + Sparkly Ombre SMOKEY QUARTZ CRYSTAL Tower, Large Smokey Quartz Point

$ 249


This crystal is a stunning + stately smokey quartz point with a unique ombre of Clear Quartz at the top to Smokey Quartz at the bottom. It's very sparkly champagne-color with silvery, flashy rainbows in the tip + throughout the entire crystal. This extra large Earthly Beauty is over 3.5 lbs + close to 10" tall. A large crystal like this will make statement in any room + be a shining star your crystal collection.

Smoky Quartz has an Earthy grounding energy that encourages you to open your heart to let in light + positivity. It links us to the highest realms of being, amplifies truth + promotes feelings of freedom.

Clear Quartz is the Master Healer of the crystal world. It's a stone of clarity, light, reflection + amplification.

Smokey Quartz Crystals help relieve stress + anxiety, ushering in a profound emotional calmness. I like to hold a smokey when I'm feeling stressed or anxious because it really helps me feel like those feelings are melting away.

Clear Quartz Crystal is a cosmic clarifier + an energy amplifier. It resonates with all of the chakras as well as each Zodiac sign. Clear Quartz balances + revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual planes.

Smokey Quartz is powerfully cleansing. It's soothing vibes gently neutralize negative vibrations. It is a powerful grounding + clearing stone.

Smokey Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression + transmutes negativity. It is purifying, protective + detoxifying on all levels.

3 lb 7.8 oz (1583 g)
9.75" tall
2.69" x 2.66" x 2.18" at the base
2.34" x 2.1" x 1.83" at the tip

This beauty is a stately, powerful piece for your healing journey, sacred space, meditation room + manifestation rituals.

This is a natural crystal that has been cut, faceted + polished to a high gloss, with a perfectly flat bottom. Natural stones may have inherent marks, mineral inclusion, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal that you see in the pictures.