Large Yttrium Fluorite Slab with Scolecite + Graphite Inclusions

$ 122

This dreamy Yttrium Fluorite Slab has a bubbly natural edge + some very interesting inclusions of white Scolecite + black Graphite in the ribbons of transparent, blueish green + pastel lilac in this beautiful slice of stone. Imagine the magical, primordial inner Earth environment that created this beautiful pastel fluorite crystal!! 

Use the large polished Yttrium Fluorite crystal slab as a beautiful high vibe surface to display special pieces in your crystal collection, your jewelry, heirlooms + treasures. Or display it on a stand + allow the light to pass through the dreamy pastel layers of this rare variety of fluorite.

Fluorite is a powerful high energy crystal that aids both mystical + spiritual growth. This transparent type of fluorite comes from Brazil + has a sweet + high angelic energy.

This beautiful high frequency stone helps you to develop your intuition, with a gentle, supporting energy that promote the full spectrum of psychic abilities.

1 lb, 11.9 oz (793 grams)
7.5" long
2.02" wide
0.55" thick

This luminous pastel fluorite with sweet crystalline energy that just glows, bringing a nurturing, protective energy to your space.

Yttrium Fluorite is also called Pastel Fluorite or Lavender Fluorite + is a rare type of Fluorite where about 20% of the calcium is replaced by the mineral Yttrium. The stone is characterized by it's translucent lavender lilac color, colorless clear + white banding + sometimes green hues within. Inclusions of the mineral Scolecite can be present in white angelic wing-like, crystalline, or snowflake patterns.

This crystal is cut + polished smooth on the two large surfaces with raw stone edges. Stand option is for the clear acrylic stand shown in these pics. Natural stones + may have inherent marks or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate. You will receive the exact crystal that you see in the pictures.