The Ultimate Spa Day Ritual Guide - Free Download

Are you ready for a self care routine that gives you a little more? We think you deserve a LOT more!

Can you imagine how sweet and luxurious it would be to get a spa treatment every day? And I don't mean every day while you're on a dreamy vacation in Maui. 

What I'm talking about is a daily spa-like experience with deep, soul-level nurturing that you can feel rippling though your mind body, and spirit.

Imagine this next level peace and tranquility infused into your daily self-care routine -- because you're just a few clicks away from manifesting all of the tools to help you achieve this luxury!

Girlfriend, you deserve a spa treatment! Every. Darn. Day.

Even if it's just a few splendid minutes to yourself, while chaos ebbs and flows on the other side of the door.

In today's busy, busy world, it is absolutely necessary to bring in moments of self-care, replenishment, and serenity. And exactly why we created the Ultimate Spa Day Ritual Guide + Checklist -- 11 beautifully designed pages to help you bring spa-like luxury into your daily routine. Let's turn your ordinary self care routine into a blissful home spa ritual! 

This Home Spa Ritual Guide was made for YOU!

What's in the Guide:

It's all about holistically nurturing and replenishing every part of you, in mind, body, spirit.

  • 7 Cherished Self Care Rituals with ideas to help you tailor your spa day specifically for you insight, tips + tricks so you're armed with the tools right from the start
  • 7 Empowering Mantras to help you create a deeper connection with yourself during each part of the ritual
  • SpaGoddess Favorites for each ritual with special guidance + inspiration to help you personalize your home spa experience
  • A Spa Day Ritual Checklist to help you prepare ahead of time, ensuring your spa time meets your needs

SpaGoddess is here to help you achieve your most healthy and radiant skin, while nurturing your spirit and deeply nourishing your entire being.

Our FREE guide gives you the steps to create a self-care ritual that goes beyond your skin!

Download our free spa day ritual guide! 11 pages of self care ideas to help you turn your ordinary routine into a spa-like ritual by SpaGoddess Apothecary.