Howlite Palmstones

$ 14

A Howlite Palmstone is a soothing crystal to add to your crystal collection. Howlite has a peaceful energy that is calming + expansive. Howlite is an excellent crystal to meditate with when you're stressed out or to keep in your bedroom as it's helps create a serene environment conducive to deep, restorative sleep.

These oval shaped Howlite palm stones are slightly smaller than your average palmstone + but still a nice weight to them. They're polished smooth into a rounded shape that very satisfying to hold in meditation.

1.5-1.55 oz
2-2.1" tall
1.3" wide
0.55" thick

Slightly irregular oval palmstone shapes. Each one is unique in size, shape + patterning of the natural stone. These are intuitively chosen, but if you want a specific palmstone, DM me + I'll accommodate if it's available.

Crystal Healing Properties of Howlite

Howlite teaches peace.⁠ Howlite has a soothing energy that's calming + expansive. It's an excellent crystal for the bedroom promoting peaceful sleep, or for carrying in your pocket to bring a mellow energy to your day.

This guardian stone, softly diffusing tension, anxiety, worry, anger, aggressive energy + negativity in the user as well as the environment.⁠

Howlite is an excellent stone for Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, energy workers + all kinds of therapists as it opens + prepares the mind to receive wisdom + deepens healing from energetic attunements. 

Weights + measures are approximate.