Kunzite Puffy Hearts

$ 23

Kunzite crystals have a joyful, loving energy which is amplified by these sweet heart shapes. Kunzite is a Heart Chakra crystal. These pink crystal hearts make such a sweet gift for yourself or someone you love.

Each of these hand carved pink Kunzite Hearts has shimmery flash + lovely depth of color. They're just under 1", sorted by weight + chosen intuitively for you in the size you select.

These Kunzite Crystal Hearts are the perfect size to use in your crystal grids, carry in your pocket, or adorn your jewelry box or ring dish with their sparkly pink love beams.

This pretty pink to violet colored Kunzite is a water element crystal that clears the pathways between the heart + the mind, helping you better understand + process your emotions.

Crystal Hearts are an emblem of love. Love is emitted + amplified by heart-shaped crystals.

8 grams, 0.92" x 0.91" x 0.39"
9 grams, 0.92"-0.93" x 0.91" x 0.38"-0.4"
10 grams, 0.97"-1.02" x 0.9"-1" x 0.4"-0.45"

Healing Properties of Kunzite Crystals

Kunzite is a deeply healing spiritual stone that spreads a loving vibration to every corner of life. It's energy permeates like water, juicy, cleansing + heavy in a good way, kinda like a cuddly bear hug.

Hold a piece of Kunzite + imagine this juicy joyful loving energy softly rolling over you like a gentle wave, saturating like spring rain, cleansing, flowing like a mountain spring, overflowing like a waterfall. Feel this steady unconditional goodness, this love from Gaia saturate to the very core of your being. Universal LOVE, prana, life...

Kunzite encourages emotional healing, forgiveness + fosters a strong sense of self. Kunzite is known to help heal heartache + calm nerves. Kunzite is said to help you experience + reciprocate love.

Kunzite helps you embody the vibration of Divine Love.

These small Kunzite hearts are natural gifts from Gaia with unique variances in shape, size, interior patterns, color hue, saturation, flash, opacity + clarity which can present differently in various lighting conditions. They look different on both sides + in different lighting.