Moss Agate Crystal Octopus

$ 79

This crystal octopus carving is made from a green crystal called Moss Agate that carries Earth + Water elemental energies. This hand carved Moss Agate Octopus is one of a kind with colors varying in all shades of green, gray, blue + white with tendrils of dendritic chlorite moss + translucent chalcedony swirls + sparkly quartz druzy inclusions.

This crystal octopus is full of personality + neat details in his tentacles. He will make a splash in your crystal collection, a beautiful addition to your mermaid decor + a really cool piece for your crystal grids + make a really fun + unique ocean-themed crystal gift.

The octopus is a symbol of intelligence + wisdom. The octopus spirit animal reminds you to use your wits, to creatively apply your life skills + you will manifest your desires while finding joy in the process. 

6.45 oz / 183 g
2.17" tall
1.6" x 1.55" body
3.87" x 3.23" tentacles
Flat bottom. You can see the mark of the carving tools in some areas but mostly it has a glossy polish.

About the Octopus Spirit Animal

The octopus spirit animal reminds you that there is innate wisdom in your uniqueness. Your opportunities are endless + that you live in a world of infinite possibilities when you follow your instincts + operate from your heartspace.

Those with the octopus totem are likely a person with unique skills + natural aptitudes that push them to accomplish great things in life. The Octopus spirit encourages us to focus on our creativity to find joy in the challenges of life, to reframe + overcome obstacles.

If you feel a strong connection to this crystal octopus, my sense is that it will likely assist you, especially in the etheric realms, by expanding your consciousness, in remembering your unique gifts + nudge you along toward your highest path for this lifetime.


Moss agate is a powerful Earth element stone that resonates with the Root + Heart Chakras. The calming vibe of Moss Agate helps bring us back to nature + the unseen realms beyond the veil. It stimulates psychic contact with the faery folk, the elementals + Nature spirits.

Moss agate crystals look like a piece of art, created by Mama Nature herself, reminiscent of mossy landscapes, foggy mountains + swirling forest springs. Moss agate is a root chakra crystal + a heart chakra crystal, emitting a grounding, heart-centered energy. Hold a piece of Moss Agate up to the light to illuminate the beautiful colors + patterns in the stone.

Moss agate has a calming, tranquil energy that is balancing to the emotions. It's energy is grounding + stabilizing, helping to balance male + female energies. It can bring a sense of focus or patience when we need to disconnect from the chaos of modern society.

Moss Agate is a stone of blossoming friendships. It's a good stone to wear or carry with you when meeting new people + forming new relationships.

Moss Agate is a form of chalcedony with spreading moss-like dendritic inclusions that are mostly oxides of manganese or iron. The colors vary depending on trace amounts of chrome + other minerals or metals present.

You will receive the exact octopus that you see in these pictures. This crystal carving is made of natural stone + may have inherent marks, druzy pockets, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.