Palo Santo Sticks

$ 3.50

The sacred smoke of Palo Santo wood is said to purify + cleanse the Spirit of negative energies. Use in meditation to increase the flow of the energy throughout the body. Use as a energetic protection barrier to ward off bad energy or negative spirits.

Palo Santo wood is traditionally used by Amazonian Shamans as a physical and spiritual panacea. It stimulates the immune system, fights inflammation + is emotionally grounding.

Your Palo Santo stick or bulk Palo Santo will come with an info card printed with the following cleansing ritual:

Light a candle, invoking the primordial elemental spirit of Fire. Dip a Palo Santo stick into the flame until an ember has formed. Use your breath, adding a prayer or wish as you blow on the ember, encouraging the purifying smoke to flow over yourself + around your space. Take a deep breath of the fragrant, sacred woodsmoke. Holding a quartz crystal, imagine being enveloped in a cocoon of protective light. Anoint yourself with Palo Santo Oil. Visualize sealing your positive intentions while calling in Spirit Allies for support + protection.

Our Palo Santo wood is grown in Ecuador. 100% natural and ethically sourced. No trees or forest were harmed in the gathering of these sticks.

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