Rainbow Sheen Obsidian Lady of Guadalupe for energetic protection

$ 44

This beautiful hand-carved Crystal Lady of Guadalupe is made from a lustrous piece of Rainbow Sheen Obsidian from Mexico. This beautiful keepsake of the Virgin Mary is the perfect size + shape to place on your devotional altar + for holding in prayer or meditation.

A hand-carved crystal Mother Mary figurine makes a very special heirloom or gift that will be cherished for generations.

Mother Mary is an Ascended Master who is also known as the Divine Mother. She is the embodiment of feminine power + strength, of peace, balance, nurturance, grace + unconditional love. She can help you heal + open your heart.

2.1 oz (62 g)
3.01" tall
1.96" wide
0.54" thick

You will receive the Rainbow Sheen Obsidian Mother Mary carving that you see in these pictures. From the front, the stone has a lustrous quality in the light that undulates hints of green + purple within the dark silvery gray, but no prominent rainbows. You can see the obsidian is translucent when held to the light in the 2nd to last pic + the last pic shows the back which you can see the some subtle swirls of color in strong lighting.

Crystal Healing Properties of Rainbow Sheen Obsidian

Rainbow Sheen Obsidian is characterized by a silvery-peacock iridescent sheen noticeable when held to a strong light source. The sheen comes from microscopic Magnetite nanoparticles trapped within the layers as the volcanic glass cooled during formation. The Magnetite nanoparticles cause multicolored iridescence that shines bright when any light hits it. 

Obsidian is a protective, truth-enhancing stone, offering clarity of mind. Obsidian helps one to begin to dissolve emotional blockages + heal past traumas. Obsidian can be used as a shield against negativity as it absorbs negative energies from the environment + blocks psychic attacks.

Rainbow Obsidian is can help heal a broken heart. This stone offers support for someone in grief. The energy of Rainbow Obsidian offers an abundance of love + happiness.

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms as a result of specific volcanic conditions when lava cools quickly. Natural obsidian may have inherent marks, mineral inclusions, or slight imperfections. Weights + measures are approximate.

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Demetris K
What an beautifully carved altar piece, pl...

What an beautifully carved altar piece, plus I love the little gift included. What a sweet suprise!!