Natural Beauty Tips For Oily Skin

Many people want a minimalistic, uncomplicated skin care routine without a lot of fuss. Teenagers and guys are typically resistant to perform any sort of consistent facial care regimen. I receive so many inquiries from folks with problematic skin, and once we get to talking, it becomes clear that they're just not following a consistent skin care routine, or they're using harsh chemicalized products or soap that upsets the skin's natural function.

The basic healthy skin care regimen is Cleanse, Tone + Moisturize twice per day. From there you can add any serums, masks, exfoliants + spot treatments.

Natural Skin Care Products For Oily SkinOily skin happens when the sebaceous glands in your skin produce too much oil. This can be influenced by genetics in some people and exacerbated by over-washing, using harsh skincare products, and/or certain medications and hormonal fluctuations. Your skin might become more oily as the seasons change as well.

The good news is that finding the right products and keeping with a consistent skin care regimen can really make a big difference. Drinking lots of water will help flush the toxins and keep you skin cells hydrated which is part of the formula for healthy skin.

"Jessica has completely changed my view of skin care with her 3-step routine. Having very oily skin, I've always thought of moisturizers as something that just makes the situation worse and produces excess oil. The Super Detox Cleanser and Chamomile Exquisite Cream, combined with the Grace Antioxidant Toner leaves my skin looking perfect and balances the oil production. I am very thankful!" ~ Vicky

Your natural sebum is your an essential part of skin’s natural protective barrier. For your skin to find balanced sebum production, you need to start with the basics: the 3-steps of Cleanse, Tone + Moisturize. If you have the energy or desire for more, then you can add in any skin-type specific serums, masks, exfoliants + spot treatments.

Step 1

You need to CLEANSE the pollution, sweat, dirt and oil from your skin and pores.

Step 2

Next you've gotta TONE to correct the PH level on the surface of your skin to keep your acid mantle balanced, and close those pores to not let the gunk back in.

Step 3

MOISTURIZE. Follow the cleansing and toning steps with a nutrient-dense, plant-based hydrating + protective layer to seal in all goodness. Yes. Absolutely. Oily skin needs a moisturizer too.

When you don't moisturize after cleansing, your skin is most definitely in a state of imbalance. This causes inflammation which can result in puffiness and sensitivity, and be the reason your skin is over-producing oil. When you skip the moisturizer, your sebaceous glands pretty much go haywire, over-correcting and producing even more oil. This type of imbalance is often accompanied with redness, irritation, generally unhappy skin, along with an increased likelihood of clogged pores and breakouts. Literally no one wants this!

Truly, we're all seeking balance + harmony in our skin, which is the basis for a radiant + healthy glow. Treat your skin with these three basic steps of cleanse, tone + moisturize with gentle, natural products, and nurture your way to a healthy glow.

May your skin glow like the petals of a flower and smell as sweet.....

xoxo SpaGoddess

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